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About Me

Hello! I'm a follower of Jesus who happens to program and engage in other activities, both boring and interesting.

I also strongly believe in personal privacy. You, and only you, should have the right to decide what others should and shouldn't know about you. Your life, your information, your control. Privacy is foundational to the right to free speech and other foundational freedoms in society.

Free and Open Source Software

I am passionate about Free Software and am devoted to empowering people to take control over the software they use, and remove the shackles of proprietary software that bind us.

As for technology, I'm interested in GNU/Linux, BSD, and other general FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) related things. This includes Mastodon, where I post regularly and interact with various FLOSS communities.

FLOSS is the superior model for developing software in most cases, but more importantly, it is more ethical, respecting the liberty of those who use the software.

Proprietary software, like many things in our society, is based upon a principle of division between owner and user. Those that own the software subjugate those who use it. Free software puts power back into the hands of those who use the software, and lets them modify it for their own wishes and also to share it with others.

FSF member since May 2020


Freedom goes beyond just computing. I believe everyone should have liberty in their own lives in the physical world as well. I am skeptical of government regulation and oppose systematic oppression onto our lives. I believe in non-violent social change over reformism. We should change society ourselves rather than having others do it for us.


Other people are more important than profit. More important than personal well-being. More important than our visions and desires. Jesus came to serve. That is what we must do as well. We must not live for our own wants, but for the building up of others.

This means everything I do should be for others. Helping others should not be something done in spare time, but in everything I do.

It also means I should not do anything to harm others. This includes stealing from them, refusing to help them, and hoarding things that would improve their lives.

All the software I write is for others. It is not made to harm them for my own benefit, but to serve them. I refuse to put others in bondage with my software, or to let others do the same with it. Jesus didn't come to enslave, but to bring from sin and oppression. If we have been freed from so much, why should we work to control others?


My skills? Well, I can write, though you should have noticed that if you read this far.

As for programming languages, I can write code in the following:

That is in order of preference rather than proficiency.

I've also been learning Haskell and others, but I am not very proficient with them.

I also dabble in system administration, hosting the Mastodon instance for Christians called There's Life.

That's enough about me. Go and read some of my other writings or check out one of my projects. Or simply go find another website to visit.