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I'm Josias, a programmer who is passionate about cooperative technology, decentralization, and personal privacy and freedom.


2021-02-08 - Nowhere

#100DaysToOffload #poetry

Nowhere is a secret place, one completely uninhabited. Attempts to visit are futile and vain, though many still try. The absence of place or location is enticing, yet incomprehensible.

2021-02-06 - On Boycotting FOSS

#100DaysOfCode #FLOSS

When we use proprietary software, we are under the power of the owner of the software. The owner's revenue depends on us, either directly through purchases and solutions, or indirectly by advertising. There is a relationship of power, with the owner having power over us.

2021-02-05 - Thoughts

#100DaysToOffload #poetry

Thoughts float about like feathers in the wind, weightless in the air.

2021-02-04 - Starting 100 Days to Offload

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