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Getting Started with Gemini

You probably got to this page by clicking the "How?" link below one of my posts only available on Gemini. If you tried clicking the link, you probably noticed that it doesn't work in your browser. This is intentional.

Gemini is a new protocol for sharing content over the Internet. It is an alternative to the Web (HTTP/HTTPS) and is simpler, faster, and (subjectively) more fun.

Just like you need a Web client (called a browser) to visit Web pages, you need a Gemini client to view Gemini pages.

To view a Gemini page, install a client. I recommend Lagrange, because it is fully featured and is easy to use.

You can also view Gemini pages on the web with a proxy.

Open the Gemini link you want to visit with a client or a proxy, and you are set. Enjoy the page. :-)