a blurry mosaic of a faceJosias


A thought enters my mind
Harmless, hopeful, enlightening
Tells me what I can find
In a place not so frightening

I open my soul's eye
In this new realm of listening
The voices question why
My spirit starts its wrestling

The thoughts overtake me
Infecting every good feeling
They start to steal my joy
Destroying, manipulating

I gave it all to them
Loving, hating, fulfilling
They never gave it back
Leaving me only suffering

Fighting for its return
Just gives me complete misery
Striving to win it back
Pulls me far into wandering

But another thought comes
My heart and soul begin singing
New wisdom takes over
It stops and kills constant wondering

A life in ruins restored
To the way it was made to be
Doubtful thoughts reformed
As words of comfort, admiring

Spirit of truth prevails
Reminding of what is coming
The life it fills reborn
Cleaning the last of suffering

But the end is not now
The father's plans don't stop just yet
God doesn't wonder how
All his plots are already set

We suffer affliction
No honest one says contrary
We weather difficulty
But He turns it to victory