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Starting 100 Days to Offload


I am now starting what is known as 100 Days to Offload. It is a challenge to write 100 posts on your blog in a yeaer. That kind of pressure may actually change this blog from a mostly-abandoned wasteland into a flourishing garden with a vast variety of flora.

It might become this. Or it might remain a vast wasteland, just with more dead plants. We'll see in a year.

#100DaysToOffload emphasizes quantity over quality, citing the usefulness of just writing without worrying about perfection (something I also happen to strongly support).

I first heard about this challenge over a year ago. I considered joining, but I decided otherwise, persuaded by my own excuses.

Today I read Will Webberley's post about RSS and noticed that he is doing 100 Days to Offload. That prompted me to reconsider doing it myself.

I have remade my blog using Zola, with SimpleCSS and my own underused HTML and CSS skills. I took advantage of this opportunity to make a little banner on the top of all of my 100 Days to Offload posts (also inspired by Will). It's a little warning that these posts might be utter trash and should be forbidden from being read by anyone ever again. :-)

I plan to post about technology, philosophy, and personality over the next year. Some posts will be better than others, but hopefully a few gems will result from this.

If you wish to follow along, subscribe to my atom feed.

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