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Nowhere is a secret place, one completely uninhabited. Attempts to visit are futile and vain, though many still try. The absence of place or location is enticing, yet incomprehensible.

What if we could really visit nowhere? Would we scream in terror, unable to understand our surroundings? Or could we cry in bliss, being free from a notion of somewhere?

Might we survive in such a no-place? Should we experience it? Is contemplation of the absurd forbidden? Is it unreachable, or merely unimaginable? We cannot decide until we try, nor try unless nonsense is liberated.

Should we free nonsense in our minds, or must it be kept encaged? Is it wise to think the impossible, or should we remove it from consideration?

Nonsense is the essence of discovery, absurdity the fabric of invention. For every idea was once absurd, every design once impossible.

Foolish thoughts cause elaborate theories to collapse. Simple contemplations change human understanding.

So ponder nothingness. Travel to nowhere. Enjoy a world without bounds. For when we the shackles of the imagination are loosed, the chains of reality are broken.

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